Best Toyota Used Cars in Pakistan 2019 – Complete List

Toyota is anyway a well-known brand for cars, the best part about Toyota cars is that even the second hand Toyota cars are great and provide the same quality and satisfaction as a new car.

This is mainly because every Toyota car is strong enough to perform with complete efficiency over years and years.

The engine and features of Toyota cars never expire, hence, do not hesitate to purchase Toyota used cars as long as you are purchasing it from a reliable dealer.

Below is a list of best Toyota used cars in Pakistan categories which work best in Pakistan.


A sedan is a passenger car with a configuration of three boxes.  It generally has three compartments which separate the engine, passengers and cargo.

Benefits of a Sedan car

Sedans have the following benefits making them a popular purchase in Pakistan

  • Better fuel economy since many sedans offer a hybrid option now
  • Sedans have a lower seating position which provides utmost comfort to the driver and he can relax well while driving
  • The quality of sedans is tried and tested and is known as one of the most iconic body types

Most popular sedan used cars in Pakistan

Although not many, but they are the best sedans in Pakistan and people love them for their efficiency and quality

Toyota camry & Corolla

2. Hatchbacks’

A hatchback is a two box design configuration that has a hatch-type rear door which opens upwards to provide access to a cargo area. The car provides a shared space for passenger and cargo areas. A hatchback is often referred to as a utilitarian small car.

Benefits of a hatchback car

People buy hatchback cars without a second thought for the following reasons:

  • Convenient for city purpose and can be easily parked into smaller parking space
  • Helps take sharp turns in small areas
  • Provides the facility of folding down the second row seating to get more luggage room

Most popular hatchback used cars in Pakistan

The following cars are those which you must have seen everywhere on the roads in Pakistan, people love hatchbacks for their look and size.

Following are the best Toyota used cars in Pakistan hatchback examples.

Hatchback cars 2019

3. SUVs’

An SUV is a four wheel powerful vehicle most suitable over rough grounds.  SUV stands for ‘sport utility vehicle’. It is usually built on a light truck chassis.

Benefits of an SUV car

SUVs may be less visible on roads and mainly seen in the posh areas but they are loved by all for the following reasons:

  • Large space; SUVs are generally box shaped which provides unconditional space for the passengers as well as luggage.
  • SUVs are generally much taller hence it provides better headroom for all the passengers and also provides spacious legroom in the first and second row
  • Better ride quality on bad roads; they provide a comfortable ride over broken roads as compared due to its huge wheel sizes and suspension travel.

Best Toyota used cars in Pakistan – SUV Examples

Few of the SUVs that have won Pakistani hearts

SUVs list


The showrooms in Pakistan have an endless variety of used cars with the best of quality and most reasonable prices.

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In this era where cars are a craze for majority of the population, it is very important for any car brand to provide the best to its customers and Toyota definitely keeps that in mind while designing all of its cars.

Hence, you can trust on above list of best Toyota used cars in Pakistan 2019 blindly for any model and go ahead with your purchase whether you want a Toyota sedan, hatchback or SUV, they are all great, it only depends on your requirements.

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