10 Best Websites To Buy Used Cars in 2019 & 2020

When we need a car, we all want to know the best website to buy used cars or new cars But the reality is, There’s no one website that is best for buying used cars. Oh sad 😊

But the interesting thing is,

There are many top websites available for used cars buying and selling and these websites are famous because of their unique features.

Some websites are providing you past sales data so that you could have the idea about seller’s offer whether it’s a fair price or no. Others are providing you classic car deals, excellent buying experience, exceptional customer support and many more.

But how do we know which website is best for me? To solve this problem, I have this great write up for you.

Today, I will discuss these best used car websites 2019 in detail and tell you which website is best to fulfill your requirements.


let’s begin our journey,

Top 10 Best website to buy used cars – A list of amazing Websites

Following are the top 10 used car websites list. Let’s discuss all one by one.

1.Car Gurus  

Website URL:


Founded in: 


Unique feature

This website has many valuable features but the amazing one is, it provides you information about deals.

It means when a seller sets a price, car gurus website through its powerful data analytics give a rating to this deal and sort it according to below scales.

Ratings are,

  • Great deal
  • Good deal
  • Fair deal
  • High price
  • Overpriced

In this way, the buyer will have the idea of vehicle market value and he will get all great, good and fair deals easily. That’s interesting 😊

Let’s look at its other features,

Other features:

Along with the above one, Car Gurus has a lot of other amazing features that are following,

  • Unbiased ranking – no seller pays car gurus to get a good search position in its search results. Car gurus set all search results according to its own data analytics and deal rating system mentioned above.
  • Powerful analytics – Car gurus apply its mathematical algorithms on every car and set its position in search results accordingly. These algorithms check a car Ad based on factors like price, mileage, accidental history, certified pre-owned status, location and dealer’s reputation
  • More than 5 million listing – A big automotive platformthat has almost 5 million active listing
  • Customer friendly platform – because of its core value that is  “consumer first”, almost 40,000 dealer’s listing is active on Car Gurus.
  • Automotive expert reviews – buying guidance and car’s rating from top automotive experts are available
  • Freemium listing model – it’s free forseller to upload car Ad. Premium Ads listing option is also available for the dealer who wants more industry opportunities and reliable buyers etc.

Is Car gurus website best for me?

Yes, it’s best for you if,

  • You’re In the regions e.g. US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain. You can also import a vehicle by using Car Gurus website, but it depends on individual dealer whether he’s providing shipping service or no.
  • You want to get Buyer’s friendly search results & reasonable deal
  • You need expert review & rating of a vehicle
  • You want to enjoy excellent customer support

In short, Car gurus is one of best website to buy used cars if you want the above services and live in areas mentioned.

Best used car website 2019 - 2020
Car Gurus

2. Hemming – best used car websites 2019

Website URL:


Founded in:

  • 1954 as a news magazine
  • 1998 as website

Unique feature:

Are you a classic car’s enthusiast and your hobby is to collect these types of vehicles? If yes, then this website is heaven for you.

Yes, Hemming is a comprehensive resource for classic cars, trucks and bikes collector. It provides thousands of unique classic vehicle active listing.

Other features:

Along with the above feature that it is specifically for classic vehicle’s enthusiasts, Hemming has other following features,

  • Classic vehicles are available at private owners, dealers and auction basis.
  •  Easy to use Shipping calculator available
  • Auto parts are available for project cars. That’s cool 😊
  • Artfully photographed annual calendars available.
  • News updates about events and auctions related to classic vehicles

Is hemming best website for me?

Yes, it’s the best website for you if,

  • You’re looking for amazing classic cars – think again you need a regular used car or something else e.g. a used classic car?
  • Your hobby is collecting classic cars and wants to attend events related to it.
  • You’re looking for auto parts for your project cars
  • It’s best if you live in the US and Canada. Shipping facility is also available for other countries. You can calculate shipping cost through its calculator.

No doubt, Hemming is one among best used car websites but go for it if you have the above requirements.

3. Auto Trader

Website URL:


Founded in:

  • 1977 as magazine
  • 1996 as website

Unique feature:

Excited about what AutoTrader is providing as a unique feature?  I was also while checking their website so I’ve extracted following useful info,

AutoTrader provides a platform that makes consumer, retailer and Manufacturer’s journey easy.

Auto trader is a best website to buy used cars because it helps the consumer in searching by giving him many advanced filters and then helps him to make a good decision. Sounds good!

For retailers,

Autotrader provides vast products and services and supports them through their Data intelligence solution so that retailers could buy the right product at a good price.

For manufacturer,

Almost 75% of buyers prefer new cars so Autotrader supports manufacturers to target a large number of buyers through its virtual stock, data management system and Video format advertising.  

Other features:

Along with the above features, AutoTrader provides

  • Easy to use customer buying process
  • Good, great and poor price indicators available
  • Car valuation and other services available – free of cost
  • Vehicle Selection advice from experts available
  • Car search option according to your Monthly budget  – this is a great feature for a job-doing person
  • Virtual stock available – for new cars buyer
  • Cars loan and finance plans
  • Reputed Car insurance companies available

Is AutoTrader best for me?

AutoTrader provides you full best used cars package. But again not everyone has the same need so, go for this site if, 

  • You’re based in the UK. Shipping to other regions depends on individual dealers
  • You want a price from both a dealer or an individual seller
  • You’re looking for support like what to do – for people who don’t know what to buy?  A used car? A new car?  Or save money instead 😊
  • You want to know the actual worth of the car you’re buying.
  • You need a comprehensive vehicle check report you’re going to buy. It’s a useful feature by the way.
  • You’re looking for prestige cars, vans, bikes, motorhomes, car vans, trucks, Autotrader must not be ignored
Best Used car website 2019-2020
Auto Trader

4. Auto Tempest

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

Let’s have something totally different from the above three. Yes, its AutoTempest.

A gift for people who want to have choices available from different auto sites.

Interestingly, Autotempest is a search engine for used cars listing. Its unique feature is that it shows cars listing from following top automotive websites,

  • E-bay motors
  • Craigslist
  • Cars direct
  • Autotrader
  • Cars.com
  • Carsoup.com
  • Carvana
  • Oodle.com

Note: this website has a partnership with some used car websites, but it’s not affiliated with Autotrader and craigslist.

Other features:

Along with the above unique feature, Autotempest is providing,

  • Comprehensive car reviews available
  • Useful buying guides available
  • Brief new car prices comparison available – useful info
  • Detailed insurance quotes comparison available

Is autotempest best for me?

Yes if,

  • You don’t have enough time to check websites for cars listing individually 
  • You are looking for cars listing from the top automotive website at one place – the interesting thing of AutoTempest
  • You need a new car price comparison
  • You want to look at different offers from insurance companies

In short, autotempest is the best website to buy used cars if you have the above requirements.

Auto tempest - best car website
Auto Tempest

5. Cars direct – one among best online car buying sites

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

Simplicity is the king, no doubt and this is the unique feature in Cars direct that it has simple and easy to use platform that fulfills user’s basic need – buying and selling

Other features:

Along with simplicity, CarsDirect has many other features

  • Get the best deal on your desired car from both individual owner and dealer in your area
  • Buying guides available from top automotive experts
  • Brief car comparison available
  • Car Financing help available
  • Get affordable car insurance options
  • Get perfect trade value for your vehicle

Is CarsDirect best for me?

Yes, this simple queen is for you if,

  • You want a simple process website that fulfills your basic buying/selling need
  • You need deals from individuals and looking for the best place to buy used cars from private sellers
  • You’re based in the USA. Shipping facility is available, but it depends on individual dealer
  • You want to get an excellent buying experience
  • You’re looking for car financing options
  • You need buying a guide from top auto experts

Car direct is one of the best website to buy used cars if you have above requirements.

6. VRoom – best used car websites 2019

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

The thing I like in Vroom is it helps the busy buyer means you just need to order a car online. Remaining work will be handled by Vroom professionals.

Yes, it’s true they have the following facilities,

  • Get a quote for your old car and Provide pick up facility
  • Drop your bought car at your destination
  • Give you almost a week to test drive a car. Wow it’s amazing

Other features:

Along with the above unique feature, Vroom is also providing

  • Auto history of a vehicle
  • You can check safety recalls of vehicles
  • Financing options available
  • Roadside assistance – free of cost
  • Limited warranties available – check the website for details

Is vroom best for me?

Yes, Vroom is a great choice if,

  • You’re so busy or so lazy 😊 to go physically to somewhere to get or drop your car
  • You want to get a quote for your old vehicle
  • You want to test drive a car first before confirming the deal
Vroom is a best website to buy used cars 2019


7. Cars.com – Best cars online platform

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

Do you need complete information on the car you’re going to buy?  If yes, This resource must not be ignored.

Cars website provides you comprehensive car information from buying guide to repair guide to recall information of your desired car. Video reviews are available also.

Other features:

  • Easy to use the buyer search function
  • Free car-fax report available – interesting
  • New car Ad gets a position in search results based on the deal rating – like Car gurus.com – Good deals get higher rank in search results
  • Service and repair information, guide and explore best service centers near you – sounds great
  • Recall information about cars also available
  • Research and Video reviews from automotive experts available
  • Video buying advice available

Is cars.com best for me?

Yes, if

  • You need complete information of a car you’re going to buy e.g. recall info to repair info to best service center info.
  • You need a comprehensive website that tells you complete written and video reviews on your desired car model
  • You’re looking for a get a good deal without any hassle
  • Brief Car repair guide and recall information about your car
  • You are looking for buying advice from experts

Cars.com is the best website to buy used cars and you should go for it if you need comprehensive information about the vehicle you’re buying.

Cars - New and used cars

8. True car – best used car websites

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

As its name “True car”, it provides true information about the price of a vehicle a customer is going to buy.

Means, It tells you what other customers had paid for the same car in the past. It helps the buyer to identify a fair deal. Wonderful feature it is.

Let’s look at what other features this angel is providing,

Other features:

  • Confident buying experience.
  • Receive upfront payment information from certified dealers at True car – that’s amazing
  • Vehicle Ad upload date and price change history
  • It Tells you if a discount available
  • Price rating available

Is True car best for me?

yes if,

  • You’re so curious and price-conscious – the true car is the best friend
  • You want to see upfront and discount information from dealers if available
  • You want to get unbiased Price rating

I’m impressed because of its Short and amazing features. We can call TrueCar, A best website to buy used cars

True car - best used car platform 2019
True Car

9. Auto list – best website to buy used cars 2019

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

AutoTempest and Autolist are similar sites but auto sources are different. Autolist shows car listing from different automotive online sources. It’s similar like KAYAK travel platform.

Other features:

  • Cars fax report available for listing
  • Percentage of similar listing – how many similar listing available
  • Provides Time, a listing is active on the platform 
  • Price change history information
  • Auto guides and reviews available
  • Fair list price also available

Is Autolist best for me?

Autolist is the best website to buy a used car. You must check it if, 

  • You want to get a good listing from different sources
  • You need finance for your car
  • You’re interested to know info like price change, listing time, percentage of similar listing, etc.
Auto list best used cars
Auto List

10.Craigslist – Best platform for used cars near me

Website URL:


Founded in:


Unique feature:

I couldn’t say that it has any outstanding unique feature but It contains free classified Ads of cars, auto parts, and other item categories.

Other features:

Along with local listing, it has the following features

  • Discussion forums available for automobile and other categories
  • Free Classified Ads posting with no limitation of images  

Is craigslist best for me?

As we all aware of problems that a classified ads site has to face is fake and suspicious ads

but this site is good for you if,

  • You are genius like me 😊 and can differentiate between a real and fake Car seller’s Ad
  • You’re able to manage the buying process yourself completely
  • You need local listing
Craigslist Classified Ads - used cars

Final words,

Finding the best platform for buying used cars is a difficult task if you’re a naïve user to this market. This article will help those people who are looking for the best website to buy used cars.

From top website CarGurus to different listing at one place AutoTempest to uniquely featured Vroom, I’ve covered almost all details of top used car websites.


That’s all for today. Hope you’ll enjoy while reading it. Share your knowledge and experience of used car websites.  Comments and Suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you 😊

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