Complete Details of 2018 Toyota Prius Prime

If we talk about hybrid cars, 2018 Toyota Prius is a good hybrid car choice specially for families and for travelling within city.

Toyota Prius is the most popular Hybrid car in Pakistan.  

It’s high performance and the extraordinary fuel-efficient car having eye-catchy exterior and interior with large cargo space.

Today we’ll talk about special things inside this hybrid vehicle.

Let’s begin with Engine specification,

1.Powerful Hybrid Engine technology – Toyota Prius Prime

Prius has a four-cylinder engine with 2 electric motors which provide 121 horsepower. Automatic transmission (Continuously variable) is standard. Prius is elite when it's on gas mileage. On the highway, it reaches up to mpg and 54 mpg in the city.

Prius Variant are coming with names Prius one, Prius two, and Prius Two Eco


  • 1.8 L, 4 Cylinder, 16 valve DOHC, VVT- i, Hybrid system

Note: All three Variants have same engine specification  

2.Great Handling Experience:

Although it is not a sports car but has good steering and handling feature. Brakes operate efficiently. New Prius is better while driving than older models.

2018 toyota prius prime

3.Comfortable Toyota Prius Interior

Attractive styling and high-quality material are used for the overall interior. Interior of new Prius is much better than older models.

Though color combination for some part of interior disliked by some Prius owners. But overall tech features are user-friendly.

Seat design is ultra-modern and all front seats are more comfortable and rear seats with large space. It has large cargo space than other hatchbacks & hybrids.

4.Hybrid Prius – A Safety world

Safety and reliability are the main focus of Toyota vehicle. Hope everyone agrees with it.

Every new Prius 2018 is equipped with Toyota safety standard (TSS-P) which helps you to drive with Self- assurance. TSS is a package of features like VSC, TRC, BA, EBD etc. 

Read Complete details of TSS here in this article Toyota corolla Pakistan.

Lane departure alerts (LDA) is designed to detect the lanes with marking. It will only activate when Prius is at 32 mph speed or more.

After hearing this alert, you should adjust your car in the lane’s center. If system senses that you’re drifting unintentionally, it will take corrective steering measure and help you to stay in the lane.

5.Self-charging hybrid Technology

Prius uses self-charging hybrid technology.

Learn more: what is a hybrid car? Its Types and benefits

Along with hybrid technology, it has other features like to get you out of the stress of parking, Prius parking support system helps to detect objects like walls or other vehicles and its ICS (intelligent clearance sonar) give you an alert if find some collision.

Also, the system applies brakes automatically.

IPA (intelligent parking assist system) helps you to adjust steering position and lead you toward open space for parking.

2018 Toyota Prius prime

2018 Toyota Prius price

2018 Toyota Prius price is 63 Lacs, 50k

Note: Price reference taken from Toyota official Website


Toyota Prius is equipped with Modern hybrid technology that is most beneficial and economic vehicle. Among Hybrid cars, Prius has its own identity due to its latest self-charging hybrid technology.


That’s all about amazing 2018 Toyota Prius.

Hope you’ll enjoy while reading this article

Stay Awesome 😊


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