Top 3 Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan 2019

Toyota cars have always been quite a hype in Pakistan and people love to buy them because of their outstanding features and reasonable prices.

The three cars mentioned below have always been the best selling cars hence; the article aims to tell you the top 3 Toyota car prices in Pakistan.

1. Toyota Prius – Toyota Pakistan Price list 2019

A hybrid electric vehicle first sold in 1997 in Japan. More than 90% Prius stock is sold in Japan and USA. The most recent Toyota Prius is the 4th generation which is launched in 2019.

Prices as per generation

The greater the variant, the higher is the price. The list below shows different generations’ approximate prices of Toyota Prius in Pakistan

  • Toyota Prius 2010: 18 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Prius 2011: 21 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Prius 2013: 23 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Prius 2015: 30 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Prius 2016: 35 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Prius 2018: 63 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Prius 2019: 66 lacs PKR

For More Details: Toyota Prius Prime

2. Toyota Camry – Price list

Toyota Camry has been sold internationally since 1982 by Toyota, and comes with multiple generations. Initially the car was compact in size and later grew to fit the wide-body classification.


The following list features the prices of Toyota Camry in Pakistan, these may look quite high but they are definitely worth according to the extraordinary features provided in the car.

  • Toyota Camry 2007: 19.5 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Camry 2013: 50 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Camry 2018: 1 crore PKR
  • Toyota Camry 2019: 1.4 crore PKR

3. Toyota Corolla – Top 3 Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla is a chain of subcompact and compact cars which was first introduced in 1966. Ever since, it has been the best-selling car worldwide. Corolla series has undergone several major redesigns to improve customer satisfaction.


Corolla has been a major rollercoaster of prices but definitely a dream car for all. Below is a list of different Corolla generations with their prices.

  • Toyota Corolla 2010: 15.5 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Corolla 2013: 18.8 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Corolla 2014: 19.5 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Corolla 2016: 21 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Corolla 2018: 30 lacs PKR
  • Toyota Corolla 2019: 35-37 lacs PKR

For details: Toyota Corolla 2019 in Pakistan


That’s all about the top 3 Toyota car prices in Pakistan 2019. Anyone who is interested in buying and has budget issues can still go with the older versions because all of them are amazing and provide great features and comfort.

And those with no price issues must definitely go for the latest versions in order to experience the best of Toyota cars.

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