Top 5 Popular hatchback cars in Pakistan 2019

Hatchback cars are those cars that have no separate cargo space instead they have a shared space for passenger and cargo. Also, its rear door’s shape is hatch-type that opens upward.

In Pakistan, hatchbacks are getting fame because of the traffic condition in big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad etc.

Not just in Pakistan, this body type cars are well-known due to the same traffic problem. This is the reason automobile companies are giving special attention to hatchback cars.

Popular Hatchback cars in Pakistan by 2019

Today, I’ll tell you little about the most popular hatchback cars in Pakistan.


Let’s begin with the Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R

Well in Pakistan, especially in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, this tall boy car called wagon R is famous because of Careem and Uber taxi service. People prefer this car to buy because it fulfills these taxi service car requirements.

Wagon R hatchback car

Anyway, let’s look at its specification


  • Engine capacity = 998 cc
  • No. of cylinders = 3




21.5 km/L

Suzuki Wagon R price:

  • VXR: 12 lacs, 24k – excluded tax
  • VXL: 13 lacs, 14k – excluded tax

Note: Price reference is taken from official Suzuki website

Toyota Vitz

Vitz, a great hatchback by Toyota. It is famous in Pakistan because of its attractive styling, features, and comfortable interior. Also, Toyota is offering more engine, safety, exterior and interior features in this small car.

Toyota vitz - hatchback cars


1.5 Liter, 4 cylinders, DOHC 12, 16 valves available also with a hybrid variant


  • 5-speed manual
  • CVT automatic


11km – 15km /liter approx.


  • 15 lacs to 18 lacs according to variant available

For more details: Toyota Vitz price in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift

In Pakistan, most people prefer a vehicle that gives them good mileage. In comparison between Vitz and Swift, Suzuki Swift gives better mileage than Vitz. But in other things e.g. engine, safety etc.  no doubt Vitz is ahead.

Swift - hatchback cars

Better fuel performance, necessary engine, and safety features made swift popular in Pakistan.

let’s look at swift details


1.3 Liter – 4 cylinders


  • 5-speed manual
  • 4-speed automatic CVT


17 to 20km/Liter approx.


  • Manual = 12 lacs 82k + Taxes
  • Automatic = 14 lacs, 18k + taxes

Toyota Aqua

When as Pakistani, we think about Hybrid cars, Prius comes first in our minds. As a hybrid choice, no doubt Prius is a good option but it’s an expensive car to buy and own.

Aqua hatchback

For this, Toyota launched a small version of this big car with the name “Prius c” or Toyota Aqua. Toyota Aqua is a hybrid hatchback car. Hybrid cars are the best choice for people living in big cities.

Read more: what is a hybrid car? Types and details

Aqua has great features so we are getting a mini Prius in the form of Toyota Aqua.  Let’s look at Aqua details,


1.5 Liter – Hybrid engine, 4 cylinders, DOHC 16 valves – VVT-i




21km to 24km/liter approx.


  • 24 lacs 55k approx.

Quite expensive but justifiable because of the specification and available features.

Faw V2

Faw is a Chinese automotive company. V2 is getting fame in Pakistan because it doesn’t disappoint Hatchback lovers because it offers a lot at less price.

Faw v2 hatchback

Look at short details,


1.3 Liter – 4 cylinders, DOHC 16 valves, VCT-i


5-speed manual




12 lacs, 89k + taxes around 25k for filers


There are other hatchback cars like Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Mahran etc. are also popular in Pakistan. These cars are less in price and provide you necessary performance and features. 

So, that’s all about popular hatchback cars in Pakistan. Hope you’ll enjoy reading. Share Suggestion and experience related to your hatchback in comments 😊  

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