Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) – A Safety Slogan by Toyota

What is Toyota Safety Sense?

Many new Toyota vehicles today come with an installed package of active safety features without any additional cost. This package is known as Toyota Safety Sense or TSS in short. It is an advanced safety bundle especially for medium to large vehicles.


The sole purpose of the development of these innovative features is the protection of drivers and passengers. Toyota safety sense supports decision making, driver awareness and vehicle operation over a wide range of speeds.

TSS is designed to keep potentially dangerous situations away and helps to reduce traffic accidents, it supports the daily journey along with creating a safety environment for the driver as well as the passenger.

Active Technologies of TSS

Active technologies of TSS include following car safety features,

Pre-Collision System

A camera and laser is used to detect other vehicles and the driver is alerted with audio and visual warnings if a collision is detected. Along with these alerts, the brake assistance is activated.

Lane Departure Alert

The lane markings mentioned on the road are constantly detected by a camera. The moment the vehicle deviates from its lane without giving and indicator sign, audio and video warning alert is immediately sent to the driver

Automatic High Beam

This feature optimizes visibility at night. The lights from coming vehicles are detected by the camera which not only leads traffic but also helps to monitor the brightness of streetlights. There is automatic switching between high and low beam for safer night-time driving.

Road Sign Assist

This feature monitors the road signs and displays useful information for example current speed limit or overtaking, etc and provides a visual and audio warning if the road sign indications are not followed

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is one among amazing car safety features that keeps the driver at a minimum preset distance from the vehicle ahead. If this distance falls, the car speed is reduced automatically and brakes are applied along with activation of brake lights.

List of a few Toyota cars installed with TSS (2019)


Toyota plays an active role in providing the best of safety to its drivers and passengers and is definitely worth a purchase.

Driving is anyway a risky activity especially in uncertain condition hence, what can be more amazing than a Toyota car taking care of all the uncertain conditions and making your driving journey safer and a lot more peaceful with its Toyota safety sense 😊

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