All About Hybrid Cars – Types & Benefits

Hybrid Cars are getting fame nowadays because they emit less CO2 and consume less fuel. So, people are interested to know what is a hybrid car actually.

Today, we’ll discuss in detail about hybrid cars. Let’s begin with the meaning of Hybrid.

Hybrid means “A thing that is made up by combining two different things.

What is a Hybrid car?

A hybrid car is, that uses more than one powertrain, means it has something else for power along with traditional petrol or diesel e.g. an electric motor. This extra power could be used when your car doesn’t have sufficient petrol or diesel etc.

In short, Hybrid car has an electric motor (Plus a battery) with conventional petrol or diesel engine

What is a hybrid car - types of hybrid cars

Types of Hybrid cars

Hybrid system work differently in vehicles so categorized as follows. Let’s first discuss their types then how

1. Parallel hybrid cars

Parallel hybrids are amazing they are those which uses both petrol/diesel engine and electric motor at the same time according to the speed of the vehicle.

How does it work?

Suppose, when you are under some specific speed mostly 15 mph, hybrid cars use just electric motor to run the vehicle and when you’re speeding up, the petrol engine takes the charge and give power to your car.

Means they operate in three different ways,

  • On electric motor alone
  • On the petrol/diesel engine alone
  • On both – operate parallel

Toyota Prius is the most famous example here that uses the same methodology.

Magical braking system:

One more informative thing is, its power generating braking system. Yes, it generates electricity when driver deaccelerates or applies brakes. This electricity stores in big enough battery for later use.

This type of hybrids mostly produced electricity that could be used until 2 kilometers

Self-charging hybrid

Parallel hybrids are also called self-charging hybrids. This is most recently used by Toyota in its corolla 2019 hybrid


Examples of parallel hybrid cars are corolla 2019, Toyota Prius, Yaris and Auris. Landrover, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz are working on same hybrid concept cars.

Prius - Best hybrid cars

2. Plugin hybrid cars

Plugin hybrids are most likely fully electric vehicles.

Plugin hybrid car batteries are chargeable as their name, means you can go to an electric power station and recharge battery and run your car as a fully electric vehicle

Though Plugin hybrids have a conventional petrol/diesel engine they have large batteries and can run on electricity alone to longer miles than parallel hybrids.


Toyota Prius, , and Volvo v60

Volvo v60 - Best Hybrid Cars

3. Range extender only- Hybrids

As we can see by its name that it is the hybrid type which uses as engine range extender only.

Means, it produces electricity during the drive but this electricity will never be used to power the vehicle. The vehicle will move on power/diesel engine only. This electricity will be produced only for the generator to charge batteries that power an electric motor and to help the conventional engine as their range extender.


BMW i3, Honda jazz are examples of range extender only hybrids

BMW i3 - Best hybrid cars

What are benefits of Hybrid cars?

So, now it is clearer what is a hybrid car and its types etc. Let’s see their benefits why they are made and for what purpose?

Benefits are,

  • Hybrid emits less CO2 – Environment-friendly
  • If you travel mostly within the city, then a hybrid is a good choice for you because, on electric power, traveling will be free totally
  • Hybrid owners have to pay less tax than conventional complete petrol/diesel engine car owners

Best Hybrid cars:

Here are some best hybrid cars examples

  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Mitsubishi Outlander
  • BMW i8
  • BMW i3
  • Volkswagen Golf GTE

Take away:

Hybrid cars are like automatic cars somehow you have to compromise on performance. They are beneficial where fuel saving or eco-friendly cars are intended because they provide fuel economy and emit less carbon dioxide CO2.

So, that’s all about what is a hybrid car and its benefits. Hope you’ll enjoy reading 😊


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